United Bank Card defrauds closed accounts

Athens, Georgia 1 comment
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I have been with United Bank Card for 3 years. 5 months ago, I was able to close my account. Over the last 3.5 years, they have charged my account hundreds if not thousands of dollars in services they never provided (like processing equipment). I would have to call them up and demand a refund.

But since I closed my account nearly 1/2 a year ago, they still are charging my account! The BBB is demanding them refund my money, but United Bank Card doesn't refund my money, AND charges me more fees every month!.. The worst part is their customer service told me they are aware of this problem, and this is happening to every account that has been closed this last 1/2 year...

Next stop is: The Arizona Attorney General's office.

Review about: Credit Card Processing.



The same thing happend to us. We had the expense of changing bank accounts. Then they sent extortion letters threatening my personal credit rating.

I tried to look them up on the AZ Secretary of State but found no agent so going to court is complicated because it will be hard to collect even after winning a judgement.

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